Emerging Designer Residency Program


About the Emerging Designer Residency Program

2020/21 has seen an influx of screen work arrive in Australia, creating a national skills shortage in technical and design skills. With limited theatre work available over this same time period due to COVID, our small-to-medium theatre sector is the most impacted by this shortage, with a limited pool of experienced designers left to draw on, and new and emerging designers struggling to find opportunities to enter the industry.

To counter this, NGTC and Secret House will host two inaugural Emerging Designer Residency programs in 2022 which will aim to bring new and emerging designers into the industry from each of the four major disciplines (Lighting, Sound, Set, and Costume).

The program will employ four experienced Design Mentors and four new and emerging Design Mentees to work together across an NGTC & Secret House production. The result of the residency will be four new and emerging designers with hands-on experience, a professional credit, and a network of peers, mentors, collaborators and arts organisations, thereby setting them up to take on further opportunities in our small-to-medium theatre sector in the future.

Mentees position is open to designers with and without formal training.

We strongly encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people, people with a disability, people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, LGBTQI+ people, young people and people living/working in Western Sydney.

This program is proudly supported by Create NSW.

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