New Ghosts Theatre Company presents the IGNITE Collective

A ground-breaking initiative that partners emerging and established female playwrights and creatives to create new work for young female performers.

New Ghosts has been creating and presenting high quality new works in the independent sector for the last five years. In our history of our auditions, three females have auditioned for every one male. This over-saturated and often undernourished demographic has therefore become a high priority for our company.

Together we will create a canon of new work, for female artists and by female artists. We will showcase unique voices, roles, and stories that have until now been lacking on our local stages.

Praise for IGNITE Collective

“An unforgettable theatre experience. For the first two productions of IGNITE Collective, Good People and Shandy’s Corner promise many more unflinching and sincere works to come.”
Night Writes

“Lucy Clements’ direction of these two, one-act plays is faultless. The same can be said of the cast. Thoughtful rather than cynical, with warmth suffused into each, these stories substitute the typical schmaltz of Christmas and replace it with true heart.”
Audrey Journal

“New Ghosts Theatre Company succeeds on every level in this entirely apposite and modern approach.   Not only by successfully enthralling viewers and leaving them keen to see the full-fleshed production, but also in providing a behind the scenes insight into a new Australian work which is made with such evident collaboration that a full team Q&A feels like required viewing.”
Reviews by Judith

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