HUSH by Ciella Williams

Is the womb half full or half empty?”


SYDNEY: Flight Path Theatre 29 July – 14 August 2021

DARWIN: Brown’s Mart Theatre 5 – 24 October 2021

Nina lies in a pool of her own amniotic fluid in Darwin hospital, alone and paralysed by indecision. Slowly losing her grip on reality, she is visited by her best friend who dreams of a different life for her, and an apparition of her mother as a young woman who will do anything to be forgiven. Is Nina too messed up to be a mother? Or is she old enough and ugly enough to see this through? And maybe that thing slithering around in her ultrasound isn’t a baby at all…

Hush is the highly anticipated first full-length play by Darwin sensation, Ciella Williams. Conceptualised just days after giving birth to her own daughter, Hush cuts through our cultural narratives about motherhood – instead diving into the real fears, ugly desires, and harsh realities of young women faced with this transformation.

Hush marks the fourth work by New Ghosts Theatre Company’s IGNITE Collective.

Written by Ciella Williams
Directed by Lucy Clements
Produced by Janine Lau
Production Designed by Angela Doherty & Cj Fraser-Bell
Sound Designed by Clare Hennessy
Composed by Serina Pech
Lighting Designed by Kate Baldwin
Stage Managed by Adrienne Patterson

Performed in Sydney by Clementine Anderson, Rachael Chisholm, Laura Djanegara, Sasha Dyer & Zoe Jensen.

Performed in Darwin by Clementine Anderson, Rachael Chisholm, Sophia Emberson-Bain, Stevie Jean & Zoe Jensen.