HUSH by Ciella Williams

Is the womb half full or half empty?”

Flight Path Theatre
24 Feb – 6 Mar

Brown’s Mart Theatre
26 Apr – 7 May

“A thoroughly gripping, emotional and thought-provoking theatre work” Reviews by Judith

“Powerful theatre… a heart-stopper of a show”Television is Furniture

“Guttural, brutal, dense, complex, honest and meticulously written”ATYP

Nina is slowly losing her grip on reality. Lying in a pool of her own amniotic fluid in Darwin hospital, alone and paralysed by indecision, she is visited by her best friend who dreams of a different life for her, and an apparition of her mother as a young woman who will do anything to be forgiven. Is Nina too messed up to be a mother? Or is she old enough and ugly enough to see this through? And maybe that thing slithering around in her ultrasound isn’t a baby at all…

Hush is the highly anticipated first full-length play by Darwin sensation, Ciella Williams. Conceived just days after giving birth to her own daughter, Hush cuts through our cultural narratives about motherhood – instead diving into the real fears and harsh realities of young women faced with this transformation.

Hush is the fourth play developed by New Ghosts Theatre Company’s IGNITE Collective.

Playwright: Ciella Williams
Director: Lucy Clements
Producer: Jane Angharad & Janine Lau
Production Designers: Cj Fraser-Bell & Ruru Zhu
Sound Designer: Clare Hennessy
Composer: Indira Elias
Lighting Designer: Sophie Pekbilimli
Production Manager: Lillian Lee
Stage Manager: Milly Grindrod
Assistant Producers: Rebecca Abdel-Messih & Sarah Jasem
Assistant Directors: Megan Sampson & Emma Wright
Rehearsal Assistant: Louise Colin

Performed in Sydney by Clementine Anderson, Rachael Chisholm, Sasha Dyer, Zoe Jensen & Stella Ye.

Performed in Darwin by Clementine Anderson, Rachael Chisholm, Sophia Emberson-Bain, Stevie Jean & Zoe Jensen.

Poster & image by Jacinthe Lau

View Hush 2022 Programme here

Content Warning: Hush contains references to violence against women, as well as themes of fertility and birth (including miscarriage, birth-trauma, and post-natal depression). If this show brings up anything for you please contact BeyondBlue’s 24/7 Hotline at 1300 22 4636. 

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